SERVER MAINTENANCE February 14, 2018
Happy Valentines Day to each and everyone!

Here are the maintenance notes:
• Naked PvP Map
- added Naked PvP Map
- Gatekeepers will be summoned at 19:00 02-14-2018 in Bootlegery (Auction House)
- Only level 60 characters can enter
- Only level 60 character can summon and move
- Players entering the Naked PvP map that has Helmet/Cap, Armor/Protector, Pants/Leggings, Gauntlet/Muffler, Boots/Walker will be banned.

• Monsters in Proelium Frontier
- Removed monsters near bases and focused them in Iron Blood
(we will add future updates on this map)

• Weapon Mastery Nostrum
- reduced level requirement from level 31 to level 1

• Raffle Ticket
- Once you join the Weekly Raffle you will be given a raffle ticket item in your giftbox (relog upon joining)
- Raffle ticket has no cooldown and revives 25% HP/SP/MP

• Warehouse Recall Rune
- Added Warehouse Recall Rune in Web Mall

• Gatepass Buff
- Movement speed boost lv1 is given to a level 60 character (this is a requirement in moving/summoning inside the naked pvp map)

• Goddess Blessing
- Goddess monsters are located in the naked pvp map
- Once the faction killed the opposing goddess, all players in the raid/party will recieve her buffs.

• Anti Program Box
- Caelum Treasure Box are added in Proelium Frontier to prevent players on using a 3rd party program.

• 2x kills in all maps
- Kills: 2x kills is implemented today until 23:59 02-14-2018

• 4x kills in Proelium Frontier
- Kills: 4x kills is implemented today in Proelium Frontier until 23:59 02-14-2018

• Ended Promo
- Buy 1 Take 1 in Item Mall is now ended

SERVER MAINTENANCE February 07, 2018
• Added Rare Drops in Proelium Frontier Mobs
- SEA Token
- CT Chest
- CTI Chest

• Disabled Heightened-Senses Lv2/3 & Holy Grail Lv2/Lv3
- removed from Web mall
- removed from Rewards Malls

• 2x kills on Proelium Frontier

• Proelium Weapons & Armors max enchant is +10
- If you enchant it to +11 or more, the weapon/armor will automatically reset to +10
- In case your weapon/armor are reset back to +10, we will not refund or reimburse any lapsias used for the enchant of these proelium weapons/armors.

• lv15 that has 5,000 kills and above will have free Kill-Death Transfers on their lv60 character on the same

Bonus for PayPal February 01, 2018
We are giving an additional 5% bonus to our PayPal donators.

New Feature: Polls January 31, 2018
For our players to enjoy our server, we have added a poll vote system in your account dashboard.

Weekly Maintenance January 31, 2018
• Buy 1, Take 1 on all stacked items in our Item Mall

• Stigma/Aruzen Speed Run NPC is back

• Fixed/removed heroic necklace with +9 all stats in OI drop

• Experience Rate X10