RankGuild NameGuild LeaderFactionMembersAvailable GPTotal RedeemTotal GuildPoint
1BLACK OMEN[General]BeerusAlliance of Light67 243,603
2S T A R SChangUnion of Fury53 42,097
3300NoTsUnion of Fury62 99,541
4-Satu Hati-dhielaAlliance of Light78 31,809
5AsylumDrunkHealsAlliance of Light78 87,086
6Two Steps From HellM4RLUnion of Fury19 32,012
7WHITE CHARM[GS]BiancaUnion of Fury110 87,034
8ATHENSRAMUnion of Fury53 50,223
9Game OverFoRZaUnion of Fury9 22,721
10OtakuBartholomewUnion of Fury12 1,651
11PillarsCATAGSAlliance of Light36 27,038
12OC.DawgsDosUnion of Fury37 5,818
13D A N G E R O U SProtonUnion of Fury19 1,892
14-MODERN-VaanAlliance of Light12 9,305
15AtheistCheesussUnion of Fury5 8,600
16Doom of TatoramoDonateIIooUnion of Fury4 6,600
17Naked Hell SquadHuntskiUnion of Fury12 19
18Chill NationkoTTakUnion of Fury7 15
19TriadsSpicyAlliance of Light6 13
20RoyalsDisasterAlliance of Light14 3
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