We stand behind our game Shaiya SEA and your satisfaction is important to us. However, because our products are digital goods delivered directly into your game account, we generally offer no refunds.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 3 days of your order and we will try to resolve any issues. If we are not able to resolve your issues, we will give you a 100% refund.

If you change your mind about your purchase and you have not used the Shaiya Points, we will happily issue you a refund upon your request.

Once the Shaiya Points has been used, we can’t provide you the Refund. We normally deliver the Points instantly to your account and a receipt of purchase to your email. If you want to cancel the purchase be sure to cancel in Time.

For questions regarding our refund policy, kindly login to your dashboard and create a ticket!


User Agreement

User Conduct and Ethics Guide

The following rules governs basic cooperation within the Shaiya SEA private server and website. Please be aware that failure to comply with these rules of conduct may result in the termination of your Shaiya SEA game account according to the Shaiya SEA User Agreement.

  1. Only English language is allowed in Trade Chat, Area Chats, Raid Chats and Raid Commands. Any language is/are allowed, as long as the content of the conversation and the information given away or provided is/are not malicious and follows the standards of our chat rules. Make sure to use English Language or chats in communicating to other user or group of people who doesn’t speak your language.
  2. Flooding the chat window with repeated chats or graphic text and deliberately spamming sub-skills in public areas on the server are not allowed.
  3. Creating drama, swearing, Caps Chats (All capital letters), spamming complaints and raging or flaming in any public chats, support tickets and in our social media group is also not allowed.
  4. All complaints, concerns and reports must be send ONLY thru tickets within one (1) to three (3) days. Provide a screenshot or fraps (video) in sending reports or complaints.
  5. Advertising/promoting other server or games, phishing sites or hack sites are not allowed.
  6. Bribery (Bribing our staff), begging for items and impersonating as server staff, game host or known user/entity are not allowed.
  7. Kill stealing and claiming a certain farming or grinding location as their spot or territory (for same faction only) is not allowed.
  8. False claims on missing items, hack accounts, scammed item, attained drops and others may result to either temporary or permanent ban of your account.
  9. Stat-padding or gaining underserved kills from an anomalous gameplay to increase your character’s rank and improve your its stats is prohibited. All kill points gained from this absurd and unhelpful gameplay will be deleted to zero. Same punishment will be given away to the leecher, feeder or participants of this illegal activity.
  10. You may not defraud, harass, discriminate, insult or threaten a user or staff and spread malicious rumours or fabricated facts or information (Defamation) about the server, user or staff in any forms of in-game chats, forum threads and social media chats or page. Any remarks that portray or characterized as racism, ethnic slur, anti-religion, sexism and sexual exploitation either constructive or not are strictly prohibited. We will disband your guild or change your IGN manually without any further notice or warnings if you use racially, religiously or sexually offensive words, slangs or connotations (in any dialect or language) as a Guild name or In-game name.
  11. Entering in your enemy's safe zone, killing behind the ides and spawn killing or base killing are "allowed". However, Five kills will be automatically deducted to your total kills (-5) once you killed your enemy in their safe zone. Ex. You killed 5 of your enemy in their safe zone. You will automatically receive a -10 kills as a penalty. Spawn Killing or Safe Zone killing is/are not applied in the PVP rooms or maps of the following bosses; Dios Exiel, Kimuraku, Greendietta Seraphim and to the respawn areas from Kimuraku room to Dwater and Greendietta Seraphim 2nd portal to Dwater.
  12. You may not use our social media group, tickets or forums in posting threads with sexual contents, spreading files which contains cheats, key logger and malware or virus, promoting other server, game, phishing or hack sites; spreading fabricated info, selling in-game currency and virtual goods thru real money, mobile credits, bitcoins etc. and posting any user's account info, private or malicious materials and/or personal data. You are not also allowed to vend and advertise that you are selling an account, ask for users to pm you in any social media account and engage in a transaction outside the game. We disassociate our server to any lost, damages and mischief caused by transactions outside the server or game.
  13. Selling items thru RMT (Real Money Trading) and Illegal Trading or trading in-game currency or virtual goods from other server or game and with the use of mobile credits or game cards are not allowed.
  14. Hacking an account and Scamming are strictly prohibited in the server and may result to permanent ban of your account and IP address. Scammed account, virtual goods and in-game currency thru RMT and Illegal Trading are non-recoverable or non-retrievable.
  15. Dual boxing or Multi Client login is only allowed for vending purposes, trading items, storage, Farming and power levelling your toon/s.
  16. All raids must be open to all users, raid leaders must call for the spawned bosses in Trade Chat and avoid keeping your raid in leader gaining settings.
  17. Only level 60 toons or characters are allowed to join in a PVP-Boss Hunt or PVP event. All Level 59 and below toons or characters are “not allowed” to join in the Cryptic Throne Boss Hunts, Cloron Dragon, Fantasma Dragons, Freezing Mirage and Haruhion boss hunts. During PVE events level 55 to 60 Characters or toons are allowed to join the raid.
  18. A raid leader can kick a character on the raid if the character is leeching kills, afk, or not following the raid leader's commands provided that character is warned 1st before kicking them.
  19. During the event and boss hunts, all created raids and spawned bosses must be called in Trade Chat. Leader gaining settings, dismantling raid before Boss’s death and kicking users or participants without any reasons are not allowed. Raid must be closed when the Boss's HP is 50% or below.
  20. All levels can join on other events such as Word Games, Puzzles, Drag and Drop, "Bring me", "Find the GM" FB events or any Offline events and events that are not related with PVE or summoned bosses.
  21. You may not share your account info to any user or server employee. We are not responsible to any result or outcome caused by account sharing. We will never ask for your account info such as password, email address or for your consumables and item or add you as a friend in any social media or chat group that is not related to Shaiya SEA.
  22. You may not engaged or involved in modifying our game client, disrupting the service or assist in deciphering our connections and transmission to our service host or any attempt to control or stop our service, Using Emulator, Game Exploits and Bug Abuse such duping or replicating in-game items, speed-hacking, wallhack, range bug (to disable the monster from moving or attacking) and other exploits such as terrain, vending, skill/ability, attack, statistics, cutting the animation of skills, immortality etc.; Using third party program and any cheat wares and modified software may result to immediate suspension of your account and IP address.
  23. Exploiting Dios Exiel's Archer/Hunter max range bug will result to a raid ban.
  24. In a guild event(Summoned Boss), A Guild Leader can ONLY summon the bosses in their respective Guild House. In an event that a Guild Leader summoned it on other areas such as Boss Rooms/Auction House(Bootlegery), Safe areas such as Apulune/Iris and non-pvp areas such as Erina/Adellia/Reikeuseu/Keuraijen, Shaiya SEA is not responsible if another guild killed and took your loots and also the Guild Leader that summoned it will be punished. A Guild Leader can also choose between leader gaining or group/random loot system during the guild event(Summoned Boss).

Server Content and Provisions

These following provisions are part of our agreement that will secure and protect your account, invoke your rights to access our services and generally to be aware of Shaiya SEA’s rights over registered accounts and server’s existing and future development or revisions.

Suspension of Service

We have a right to terminate, monitor, investigate and access the accounts or question the user that is reportedly and found to be involved in any violations under User Conduct and Ethics Guide. We have a right to access your account, open and examine your logs, record your information, confiscate all the items and suspend all accounts that are involved in donation disputes which is bound or affiliated to our no refund policy, hacking, scamming schemes and exploit or bug abuse. We also have a right to restrict or ban all accounts that are known as delinquent, abusive and involved in gross violations or multiple offenses. By any other means, we may release banned accounts if they promised to redeem themselves and pledged not to repeat his/her offenses or commit grave offenses. However, their account will be under probation for six months. All items such as weapons and gears that are traded to other account are also going to be confiscated (This is on/before or prior to the the "Permanent ban" but with an exemption on sold items thru an Auction Web Mall or gold).

Violation and Penalty

Whether or not You wish to terminate an account, We may in our discretion, suspend your Account as well as any other Account ID related to you for a breach of this agreement. Petty or minor violations of our Shaiya SEA User Agreement may result in a warning or temporary suspension of your account. The penalty received by a suspended account will always be depends on the numbers of violations, if the offense is repeatedly done and to the severity or degree of the offense made by the user. Forums, Tickets, Shaiya SEA Auction Rules, Donation Process, Purchasing Rules and other Shaiya SEA services are bound to our Terms of Service and its rules.

Privacy and Content

This agreement also includes maintaining technical and regulatory measures that are designed and implemented to secure your account from use or unauthorized access. All data of registered user’s account will remain secure and private. However, we are not responsible and liable to any of virtual items or currency lost for unauthorized access (stated in User Conduct and Ethics Guide #19) of your account by the third party or user or due to Account Sharing or sharing account info to an impersonator or unknown user/entity, signing in and registering to a non-server related website and social media chats or group.

Game Changes and Updates

You acknowledge that Shaiya SEA may in its reasonable discretion provide subsequent rendition, modifications, additions or conduct a client enhancements, game adjustments, expand our Terms of Service, server and client upgrades or release game patch or update and any changes related to any part of our service. Shaiya SEA Staffs have a right in creating, editing, modifying, adapting, materials or information of either original or latest content, and/or tools made available to you by Shaiya SEA in certain services. We also have a rights and in our discretion to create, modify, add mechanics, change or cancel any event.

Support and Services

We have available web-based support ticket through our website for posting or sending reports, concerns, suggestions and complaints. Additional support services are available in-game provided by our online staffs and in our official facebook page.

Others, we may change these terms at any time by posting changes online. Please review these terms regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes made by us. Your continued use of our website and client after changes are posted means you agree to be formally bound by these terms as updated and/or amended.


Kimuraku11 hours (min) - 13 hours (max)
Seraphim11 hours (min) - 13 hours (max)
Dios Exiel13 hours (min) - 15 hours (max)
Saturday3:00 PM - 6:00 PM SGT (+8 GMT)
Sunday3:00 PM - 6:00 PM SGT (+8 GMT)
Every Saturday8:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT (+8 GMT)
Every Wednesday12:00 AM - 4:00 AM SGT (+8 GMT)
AnkylulEvery 4 hours
AstarothEvery 4 hours
Cloron DragonEvery 24 hours
Fantasma DragonEvery 24 hours
Freezing MirageEvery 24 hours
HaruhionEvery 24 hours
EnchantSuccess %CostTotal Absorption
Enchant 0 - 199%1,040,0005
Enchant 1 - 299%1,040,00010
Enchant 2 - 399%1,040,00015
Enchant 3 - 499%1,040,00020
Enchant 4 - 599%1,040,00025
Enchant 5 - 650%1,040,00030
Enchant 6 - 740%1,040,00035
Enchant 7 - 830%1,040,00040
Enchant 8 - 920%1,040,00045
Enchant 9 - 1010%1,040,00050
Enchant 10 - 111%1,040,00055
Enchant 11 - 121%1,040,00060
Enchant 12 - 131%1,040,00065
Enchant 13 - 141%1,040,00070
Enchant 14 - 151%1,040,00075
Enchant 15 - 161%1,040,00080
Enchant 16 - 171%1,040,00085
Enchant 17 - 181%1,040,00090
Enchant 18 - 191%1,040,00095
Enchant 19 - 201%1,040,000100
EnchantSuccess %CostOld BonusNew Bonus
Enchant 0 - 199%2,500,00077
Enchant 1 - 299%2,500,0001414
Enchant 2 - 399%2,500,0002121
Enchant 3 - 499%2,500,0003131
Enchant 4 - 599%2,500,0004141
Enchant 5 - 650%2,500,0005151
Enchant 6 - 740%2,500,0006464
Enchant 7 - 830%2,500,0007777
Enchant 8 - 920%2,500,0009090
Enchant 9 - 1010%2,500,000106106
Enchant 10 - 111%2,500,000122122
Enchant 11 - 121%2,500,000138138
Enchant 12 - 131%2,500,000157157
Enchant 13 - 141%2,500,000175176
Enchant 14 - 151%2,500,000200195
Enchant 15 - 161%2,500,000245217
Enchant 16 - 171%2,500,000300239
Enchant 17 - 181%2,500,000350261
Enchant 18 - 191%2,500,000425286
Enchant 19 - 201%2,500,000500311
Armor 1-15
Item LevelEnchant Item
Muffle - 8Rough Leather
Boots - 9Magic Crystal
Legs - 10Magic Crystal
Tops - 11Rough Leather
Muffle - 15Spirit Essence
Armor 20-30
Item LevelEnchant Item
Muffle - 22Nightmare Essence
Boots - 23Soul Core
Legs - 24Rough Wild Leather
Tops - 25Essence of Witch
Muffle - 29Fool's Gold
Boots - 30Magic Clover
Helm - 30Manitou Core
Armor 43-46
Item LevelEnchant Item
Muffle - 43Spirit Silk
Boots - 44Gold Magic Silk
Helm - 44Hard Leather
Legs - 45Blood Crystal
Tops - 46Gold Powder
Armor 50-53
Item LevelEnchant Item
Muffle - 50Gold Powder
Boots - 51Cursed Magic Leather
Helm - 51Rough Metal Piece
Legs - 52Dark Core
Tops - 53Dark Mage Stone
Armor 55-58
Item LevelEnchant Item
Muffle - 55Desert Crystal
Boots - 56Desert Animal Leather
Legs - 57Black Magician Bloodstone
Helm - 57Desert Essence
Tops - 58Black Magician Rune
Item LevelEnchant Item
Level 13 ShieldSpirit Essence
Level 25 ShieldGhost Core
Level 47 ShieldGolden Bark
Level 49 ShieldDiabolic Core
Level 53 ShieldDiabolic Core
Level 54 ShieldStable Core
Level 55 ShieldGolden Button
Level 56 ShieldAngel Feather
Level 59 ShieldCelestial Magic Patch
Weapon 1-15
Item LevelEnchant Item
Weapon Lvl 11Magic Crystal
Weapon Lvl 12Magic Crystal
Weapon Lvl 13Magic Crystal
Weapon Lvl 14Magic Crystal
Weapon 20-30
Item LevelEnchant Item
Weapon Lvl 21 - 26 Spirit Core
Weapon Lvl 25 EpicNightmare Core
Weapon Lvl 29 - 30Ghost Crystal
Armor 40-60
Item LevelEnchant Item
Weapons Lan/PandoSpirit Lost
Weapon Lvl 45 EpicGertine Stone
Weapon Lvl 45 - 50Magic Alchemy Powder
Weapon Lvl 46 - 50 StaffRand Stone
Weapon Lvl 51 StaffDeadly Poisoned Essence
Weapons Sky CityScorpion Leather
Weapons FantaMagic Alchemy Powder
Weapon Lvl 55Dragonite Stones
Weapon Lvl 55 EpicCelestial Essence
Weapons CT Lvl 56Angelic Core
Weapon CTI Lvl 59Sacra Soul
Dual Craft
Dual Craft1+9 Str +8 Dex
Dual Craft2+9 Str +12 Def
Dual Craft3+9 Str +175 HP
Dual Craft4+9 Str +175 SP
Dual Shrewd
Dual Shrewd1+9 Dex +12 Def
Dual Shrewd2+9 Dex +8 Luc
Dual Shrewd3+9 Dex +175 SP
Dual Shrewd4+9 Dex +175 HP
Dual Mystic
Dual Mystic1+9 Int +8 Wis
Dual Mystic2+9 Int +175 HP
Dual Mystic3+9 Int +8 Rec
Dual Mystic4+9 Int +195 MP
Dual Safe
Dual Safe1+9 Rec +12 Def
Dual Safe2+9 Rec +11 Atk
Dual Safe3+9 Rec +36 Magic Resist
Dual Safe4+9 Rec +175 SP
Dual Wise
Dual Wise1+9 Wis +8 Rec
Dual Wise2+9 Wis +195 MP
Dual Wise3+9 Wis +12 Def
Dual Wise4+9 Rec +36 Magic Resist
Dual Fortune
Dual Fortune1+9 Luc +8 Str
Dual Fortune2+9 Luc + 11 Atk
Dual Fortune3+9 Luc +175 SP
Dual Fortune4+9 Luc +36 Magic Resist
Accessory Lapis
Rasio+7 Str +6 Luc
Rasyo+7 Str +6 Dex
Decd+7 Dex +6 Luc
Decdys+7 Dex +6 Wis
Act+7 Rec +6 Str
Loact+7 Str +6 Int
Inter+7 Int +6 Rec
Interser+7 Int +6 Wis
Adi+7 Wis +6 Int
Adio+7 Wis +6 Rec
Roser+7 Luc +6 Str
Rosers+7 Luc +6 Dex
Weapon Lapisia: Will BREAK the weapon if the enchantment failed.
Armor Lapisia: Will BREAK the gear if the enchantment failed.
Power Lapisia: Will NOT BREAK the weapon if the enchantment failed.
Defense Lapisia: Will NOT BREAK the gear if the enchantment failed.
Craft Lapis
Craft 1+3 Str
Craft 2+5 Str
Craft 3+7 Str
Craft 4+10 Str
Craft 5+20 Str
Craft 6+30 Str
Safe Lapis
Safe 1+3 Rec
Safe 2+5 Rec
Safe 3+7 Rec
Safe 4+10 Rec
Safe 5+20 Rec
Safe 6+30 Rec
Mystic Lapis
Mystic 1+3 Int
Mystic 2+5 Int
Mystic 3+7 Int
Mystic 4+10 Int
Mystic 5+20 Int
Mystic 6+30 Int
Wise Lapis
Wise 1+3 Wis
Wise 2+5 Wis
Wise 3+7 Wis
Wise 4+10 Wis
Wise 5+20 Wis
Wise 6+30 Wis
Shrewd Lapis
Shrewd 1+3 Dex
Shrewd 2+5 Dex
Shrewd 3+7 Dex
Shrewd 4+10 Dex
Shrewd 5+20 Dex
Shrewd 6+30 Dex
Fortune Lapis
Fortune 1+3 Luc
Fortune 2+5 Luc
Fortune 3+7 Luc
Fortune 4+10 Luc
Fortune 5+20 Luc
Fortune 6+30 Luc
Craft lapis: Gloves
Safe lapis: Upper Armor
Shrewd lapis: Lower Armor/Pants, Shields
Mystic lapis: Gloves, Shields
Wise lapis: Upper Armor, Shields
Luc lapis: Gloves, Shields
Wit lapis: Upper Armor, Gloves, Lower Armor/Pants, Boots
Forbid lapis: Helm, Gloves, Lower Armor/Pants, Boots
Dual lapis: All Gear Parts
Absorption lapis: Helmet, Weapons and Accessories
Dual Stat lapis: Accessories
A: Wait for another 10 seconds and try to login again.
A: Login to web dashboard and check the status of your account. The game will give you this error if you have been banned or stuck inside the game caused by improper way of closing the client or internet issues.
Details why you have been banned will be shown or the Unstuck button available for your account to be released and resolve your login issue.
Trying to login your account while it was online will give you this error.
A: 1. Place all your enchanting recipe in bag 1.
2. Return to Character Select screen.
3. Try to enchant again.
A: 1. Login your account in our website
2. Click "Vote" In your user panel.It will redirect you to the voting webpage.
3. Check "I am not a robot" box. Read and select the images till none left.
4. In the Voting Site Ranking, look for Shaiya SEA server.
5. Once you located our server in the rankings, Click the Shaiya SEA Banner.
A: 1. Login your account in our website.
2. Click your Panel Board.
3. Read and check for the Purchase Options.
A: 1. Make sure you logout your account before you vote.
2. You will only receive a reward once every 24 hrs (1x a day) after voting.
A: 1. Visit our website
2. Click the "register" (human icon).
3. Fill up the slots and enter your information. Review your confirmation.
4. Check "I am not a robot". Choose and check all the required images till none left then click "Register for Free".
5. Open your email. Locate the Shaiya SEA confirmation email. (Check your inbox, spam, junk etc.). Then click the confirmation code.
A: 1. Open your account in our website.
2. In your panel click "New Messages"
A: The auction house is a selling function, that allows you to put multiple items up for sale without having to use an individual market. Can be accessed by both factions in Shaiya SEA server.
A: 1. What is recreation runes? Recreation is rerolling orange stats (OJs) of your item.
2. How to use it? Visit the professional blacksmith in bootleggary, place the item you wish to reroll in the bottom slot and the recreation rune in the top slot then click confirm.
3. Where can I get them? In item mall, event rewards and to our server services.
A: Etin is the currency used to manage and purchase guild houses and their upgrades.
A: Level 29 Gauntlets(1)
Item to obtain: Poemas Mandolin*
Location of Item: Island in Sairefons Lake (south of Arktuis Vill)
Drops from: Julia Dillun

Level 30 Boots (2)
Item to obtain: Monkey Skull
Location of Item: Sealakel Village (south of Arktuis Vill)
Drops from: Swordtail Sealakel Fighter

Level 31 Lower Armor (3)
Item to obtain: Empty Trunk
Location of Item: Due south of Arktuis Vill (along the road)
Drops from: Orc Robber

Level 32 Upper Armor (4)
Item to obtain: Lens Bow*
Location of Item: Sealakel Village (south of Arktuis Vill)
Drops from: Priest Dempnum

*These two drops are difficult to get as it takes awhile for them to drop and they are usually other players hanging around that need to get the drop.

Before you can even start these quests, you must complete the quest (Failed Experiment) you receive from Creath Question (B) (left of entrance to Fedion Dungeon) and Catherine Parker (A) (tree at fork in road to Fedion)
A: Dread Muffle Lv29 - can be completed at lvl 25

1. Starfumos Invasion 1” - Silverpick Goblin Priests – kill these mobs to receive „Invasion plan” item. Go to Faruma in Starfumos
2. Starfumos Invasion 2” received from Faruma – collect 3 „Stonepick Scout Note” from Silverpick Goblin Chaser – return to Faruma
3. Starfumos Invasion 3” received from Faruma – Kill 10 „Silverpick Goblin Fighter” – return to Faruma
4. Starfumos Invasion 4” received from Faruma – Kill 15 „Silverpick Goblin Hunter” * – return to Faruma
* they drop „Kobolt's Drawing” item who initiate the quest for Dread Leggins Lv31
* kill Poison Mist Zombie too, they drop „Lost Necklace” item who initiate the quest for Dread Walker Lv30
5. Goblin Harassing Tactics (1)” received from Faruma - Visit Balse in Aumeros Army Port
6. Goblin Harassing Tactics (2)” received from Balse - choose reward - Dread Muffle Lv29

Dread Walker Lv30 - can be completed at lvl 26

1. Lost Necklace” - from Poison Mist Zombie – kill these mobs to receive „Lost Necklace” item, right click on it to initate the quest - Go to talk Tasty - u’ll find between Starfumos and Tower of Blood.
2. The Owner of Necklace” received from Tasty – visit Dugon Hisuren (the blacksmith in Starfumos)
3. A Coward Dugon” received from Dugon – Kill 15 „Keuraijen Sad Soul” – return to Dugon Hisuren
4. A Coward Dugon reward” - talk to Dugon again - choose reward - Dread Walker Lv30

Dread Leggins Lv31 - can be completed at lvl 27

0. Kill "Silverpick Goblin Hunter" to receive "Kobolt's Drawing" right click on item to initiate the quest
1. Kobolt's Drawing 1” received from item Kobolt's Drawing – visit Mutto in Aumeros Army Port
2. Kobolt's Drawing 2” received from Mutto – collect 5 „Skin of Black Puma” – return to Mutto
3. Kobolt's Drawing 3” received from Mutto – talk to Penot in Aumeros Army Port
4. Kobolt's Drawing 4” talk to Penot again - choose reward - Dread Leggins Lv31

Dread Upper Armor LV32 -can be completed at lvl 28
1. Warune's Hunting Contest 1” received from Sankaritar in Warrunes Camp – kill 15 „Keurijen Big Antilope” – return to Sankaritar to receive ...
2. Warune's Hunting Contest 2” received from Spike in Warrunes Camp – kill 15 „Keurijen Big Bison” – return to Spike to receive ...
3. Warune's Hunting Contest 3” received from Zest in Warrunes Camp – kill 5 „Keurijen Maneating Wild Boar” – return to Zest to receive ...
4. Warune's Hunting Contest 4” received from Beastblood in Warrunes Camp – Fullfill part 1-3 – return to Beastblood - choose reward - Dread Upper Armor LV32
A: Just relog your toon or account.
A: Lv25 Epic Quest Guide
This guide is for AOL
A. Fighter Quest - The Path of Dignity

Talk to Gawain Primer, a guard outside Haldeck Farm. This will take you to Creath Question. To complete your quest, all you must do is kill Baracus, the wyvern miniboss. Return to Creath Question to receive your reward.
Marshall Pride
Two handed sword
95-105 attack
+20 Str +5 Rec

B. Defender Quest - The Path of Dignity
Talk to Daryz Eizmn, a guard outside Haldeck Farm. This will take you to Creath Question. To complete your quest, all you must do is kill Baracus, the wyvern miniboss. Return to Creath Question to receive your reward.
Collandra's Frame
16 defense 4 resist
+4 Str +10 Rec

C. Priest Quest - The Path of Faith

Talk to Catherine Parker, a woman standing near the fork in the roads leading to Arktuis Village, Haldeck Farm, and Fedion Dungeon. This will take you to Creath Question. To complete your quest, kill Julia Dilun and Formal Willis, two rogue Priests. Return to Creath Question to receive your reward.
Blind Devotion
67-82 attack
+10 Int +20 Wis

D. Mage Quest - The Path of Magic
Talk to Meilan Snowflower, a woman in Haldeck Farm. This will take you to Creath Question. To complete you quest, you must kill Inositol, a Sealakel miniboss. Return to Creath Question to receive your reward.
Wind Storm
67-82 attack
+20 Int +10 Wis

E. Archer Quest - The Path of Faith
Talk to Amidion Sunseer, a guard outside of Haldeck Farm. To complete the quest, all you must do is kill Sien Avilross, an assassin west of the farm. Return to Amidion Sunseer to receive your reward.
Eagle Strike
67-88 attack
+12 Dex +20 Luc

F. Ranger Quest - The Path of Will

Talk to Linus Cloud, a guard outside of Haldeck Farm. This will take you to Creath Question. To complete the quest, you must kill Talratan, an orc miniboss outside of Arktuis Village. Return to Creath Question to receive your reward.
Fatal Shear
Reverse sword
63-77 attack
+20 Dex +10 Luc
A: Epic Lvl 25 Quest,
Union of Fury (All classes)
First off, get to lvl 25, a mission will unlock in Stafumos(the person who u must speak to varies - check the class below), asking you to go to Kalamus House: make your way there and talk to "Kalamus"
After receiving the mission for your epic you will have to make your way to 1 of 6 destinations

1. The Warrior:
(Ravage Thorn)
Your epic destination will be The SilverPick Village (south of stafumos).
Bulta, located near the centre of the camp, with Sentinels and Fighters as body guards.

2. The Guardian:
Path of the Iron Will
(Iron Will)
Speak to Faruma in starfumos to start, then make ur way to Kalamus house to begin.
Your epic destination will be The SilverPick Village (southish of stafumos). Kalragu, loves his stone throwing ability.Kill him and retrieve the thornshield of kalragu.
(Hint -make sure you clear the fighters first or they will be a nuisance.)

3. The Pagan:
Path of element
Speak to Venekis in starfumos to start, then make ur way to Kalamus house to begin.
You epic will take place in the "Mores Woods" Ezella, This green glowing fairy is simple but shoots out lightning as a defense. Kill the fairy and retrieve the Magic of element.

4. The Oracle:
Path of Patience
Speak to Roricaen in starfumos to start, then make ur way to Kalamus house to begin.
You epic will take place in the "Araky Woods" you must fight Karashein. Watch out, she likes to Root you, and sometimes poison you. Kill her and retrieve the Crystal of Patience

5. The Hunter:
You epic will take place in the "Mores Woods" Kioshyas, this Big over stuff Gallus is nothing but annoying
Your goal is to obtain the Feather of Concentration

6. The Assassin:
(Rapid Fire)
You epic will take place in the "Mores Woods", Antaran is a big wolf, that isn't looking for a petting. Fairly simple, all it will do Mainly is try to bite you.

After you have killed your Epic Boss, Return the item you receive to Kalamus and he will reward you with your epic weapon.
A: A. AOL: Go to Silvaren and speak to Alius Magicartisan. You then have the option to change your water weapon to either wind, fire or earth.
B. UOF: Go to Helm Marsh and speak to Palbatus. You then have the option to change your fire weapon to either wind, water or earth
A: SEA Token is a currency in the rewards mall on our website to use it you follow some simple steps.
1. Sell the SEA Token to any npc
2. relog in game
3. go to the website and log in. Click on rewards mall from your dashboard and shop using it there.
4. Relog in game to get your purchase from your itemmall giftbox.
A: No. SEA staff will never ask for your account details. If someone saying they are staff does please take a Screenshot and report it using a ticket.
A: Make sure you are using our Official Game.exe, Its available to download in our public repository. visit
A: 1. Lv 13 Noble Weapon
Quest received from Narus Kiron in the Fanselenon Institute. You are required to investigate a missing person who disappeared somewhere near the Singing Tree.

2. Lv 10 Noble pants
Quest received from Sharine in the Hunter's Camp. You need to collect Bearskins to complete this quest.

3. Lv 9 Noble boots
Quest received from Alicia Irwen near Cornwell's Ruin. You need to kill some zombies.
Side note: This NPC gives you 2 quests.

4. Lv 11 Noble upper armour.
Quest received from Ernest, very close to the location from where you get the quest # 3 on this list.
Side note: You're required to collect 5 missing firewood from Goblin sorcerers (Goblin Shamans) at the Rimus Valley. You get the Noble upper armour only if you collect 15 firewoods.

5. Lv 15 Noble gauntlets
Quest received from the Protection Merchant in east side of Keolloseu. You need to kill Vagabond bears.
Side note: This quest becomes available only after you complete the quest given by the Blacksmith named Duke Dephill at the western side of Keolloseu. The quest referred here requires you to collect canines from a different variety of Bears.
A: 1) LEGS: Noble Legs for Oracle/Pagan, Assassin/Hunter, Warrior/Guardian
Talk to Limpers Pellum in Aridon, then talk to Mosen Kiesto, Mosen will then give you a quest called Mosen's Favor, go to the Blood Labs and meet Mosen Ordo. Mosen Ordo will give you a quest to go meet Dratt (located at #1 on my map).
Dratt will give you the quest StonePeg Goblin Family(part 1). It requires you kills 10 StonePeg Goblin Fighters located to the west of Dratt. Then kill 3 Clan Leaders and 5 Goblin Warriors located on the other side of path from Fighters.
Next is to kill Jardo the named Goblin, you can find him if you stay on the side with Fighters and run to the back of the camp, hes located at the very back. Return to Dratt with the head of Jardo. Then Completed and claim your reward.

2) CHEST: Warrior/Guardian, Assassin/Hunter, or Pagan/Oracle
In Frontier Village from the NPC named Sasru. The quest is called Thorough Revenge and has 3 parts.
The first part requires you to attain a "Keepsake from Roman". It tells you to kill WedgeRock Kobolt Guards but those do not exist, they really mean to kill WedgeRock Kobolt Watchers, they can be found in front of Artlum Mine. Part 2 and 3 are easy, just return to the same mine,
for part 2, kill 7 WedgeRock Kobolt Fighters, and
for part 3, kill the named kobolt Grill in the back of the mine. Return and claim your reward.

3) WEAPON: Warrior - lvl 12 Dual Axes, Guard – lvl 11 1Handed Axe, Hunter - lvl 13 Bow
This quest starts from Slo, He is located in Frotainer Village. He tells you to go meet Sant (at #3 on my map). Sant gives you a quest called Punishing Thief Puma, which requires you to kill Short Black Hair Puma located at the blue dot on my map. Return to Sant and claim your reward

4) WEAPON: Pagan - lvl 11 Dagger, Oracle - Noble Staff, Assassin - lvl 13 Reverse Sword
Its located at the #4 on my map from the NPC named Ahera(professional trader). She gives you the quest Punishing Thief Wolf. It requires you to kill 10 Steel Teeth Grey Wolf. They are located slightly west of Ahera. Return to Ahera for choice of the sleek and shmexie Pagan/Oracle/Assassin weapon.

5) BOOTS: Warrior/Guardian, Assassin/Hunter, or Pagan/Oracle

Get quest from Weapon Merchant named Vank Jerad(near blacksmith). He wants you to kill 10 Black Claw Succubus's. They are located on the first sharp curve on the path heading east from Gliter. The red dot on my map marks the spot. After killing 10 return to Vank and claim your reward.

6) GLOVES: Warrior/Guardian, Assassin/Hunter, or Pagan/Oracle
Get it from the NPC named Zaite in Frovaton Vill. The quest is called BlackSkull Family and requires you to get 10 Blackskull marks. You get these marks off of BlackSkull Kobolt Soldiers and Blackskull Succubus. They are both located at the green dot on my map. Return to Zaite to get your final peice of gear, choose from Warrior/Guardian, Hunter/Assassin, Pagan/Oracle
A: Step 1: Talk to the Angel outside of CS, it will give you the assignment of killing 50 Caelum Thrones.

Step 2: Once done, talk to the Angel outside of CS again, it will give you the assignment of killing 50 Caelum Archangels.

Step 3: Once done, talk to the Angel outside of CS again, it will give you the assignment of killing 50 Caelum Dominions.

Step 4: Once done, talk to the Angel outside of CS again, it will give you the assignment of obtaining an Caelum Crystal. You need to kill the guards on Level 1 for this, they drop on the ground.

Step 5: Once done, go back to talk to the Angel outside of CS again, it will give you the assignment of running to a Dead Angel on the further part of level 1 in an empty room.

Step 6: The Dead Angel will tell you to return to the Angel outside of CS, do so. He will then give you the assignment of killing 'Dios Exiel', the CS boss that spawns in level 2 of the dungeon. *Note that this cannot be solo'd, you will need a raid of people to help you.

Step 7: Once you have killed the boss you need to go back to the Angel outside of CS. He will give you a Caelum Crystal and an Adamatium.

Step 8: Head to the Blacksmith named Alicia Lopez in Apulune. She will have the next quest for you. It will tell you to talk to Alius Magicartisan in Silvaren (Map 2).

Step 9: Go to Alius and talk to him. He will send you on an errand to retrieve 1 Elemental Stone Mixture Experiment. These can be bought from the Weapon Merchant named Iverinne Melos, she is in Apulune. Once bought, return to Alius.

Step 10: Alius will thank you and send you back to the Blacksmith Alicia Lopez in Apulune. Once there you will have multiple instant-finish quests. In these quests they ask for your class and the type of weapon you would want to have. You can also choose an Elemental Property for your weapon. All weapons are lvl 55, +36 base yellow stats, elemental lvl 1, 3 slots.

A: Follow these steps below.
-Create a Mobiamo account
-After you created an account in Mobiamo. Login your ingame account in our website
-After you login your account click you dashboard
-then Click Paymentwall
-Choose Mobiamo then Follow the steps that pop up in your screen.
A: 1st
99 pomegranets
30 spirit cores
20 adamars stone

90 Golden apples
10 Golden Powders
25 Magic Leathers
A: Mount Quest

You can obtain a Summon Stone by doing a quest: the quest starts at lvl 20 in Iris (for UoF) or Apulune (for AoL), by talking with the Ride Merchant Takeho Raksion. The quest is divided in many parts, but mainly you'll have to:

Obtain 50 Amapo Spool
Obtain 30 Poison Linz
Obtain 1 Ghostwolf's Fur (Fury) or 1 Criluph's Heart (Light)
Return to the Ride Merchant
Obtain 20 Grape
Obtain 10 Venom Cure Potion
Obtain 5 Holy Potion
Return to the Ride Merchant
Kill 35 Silverpick Goblin Shaman
Kill 30 Kapentiel Guardian
Speak to Voff, in Aumeros Army Port
Return to the Ride Merchant
All the required materials can be found in the Araky Woods, or North of Starfumos Vill. The Potion Set and the Grapes can be most easily bought in Iris by the Liquid Medicine Merchant.

A: The Epic Quest follows this list of tasks:

Kill Arena Landers
Return to the NPC
Kill Sprinter Elves
Return to the NPC
Receive a Letter
Read the Letter
Kill Betrayer Acre
Bring Acre's head to the next Quest NPC in Iris
Go to Panakeia Lab in Reikeuseu (Map1)

Collect the following items:

90 Gold Apples
99 Pomegranates
30 Spirit Cores

Bring the items to Panakeia Lab
Return to the Quest NPC in Iris
Note: Split the stack of Arkain Potions you receive (20) into 2 stacks, or 10 will vanish when you relog (bug)
Deliver a letter to Palbatus south of Helms Marsh in Keuraijen (Map2)

Collect the following items:

25 Magic Leathers
10 Gold Powders
20 Adamars Stones

Bring the items to Palbatus
Receive your Fire Elemental Epic Weapon
Go to Aidion Neckria and kill Astaroth

Quest Boss: Astaroth

Return to the Quest NPC in Iris
Receive your Mufflers as reward
Episode 4: Go to Palbatus and change the Element on your Epic Weapon
A: The Epic Quest Lv43 follows this list of tasks:

1. Kill 15 WarEdge Orc Legionary Soldiers, and 7 WarEdge Orc Squad Leaders
2. Return to the NPC
3. Kill 15 WarEdge Orc Warriors and Kiba Tul
4. Return to the NPC
5. Receive a Letter
6. Read the Letter
7. Bring to the next Quest NPC in Apulune
8. Go to Erina (Map1)
9. Collect the following items:
20 Adamars Stones
99 Pomegranates
30 Spirit Cores
10. Bring the items to
11. Return to the Quest NPC in Apulune
12. Deliver a letter to Alius Magicartisan south of Silvaren in Willeoseu (Map2)
13. Collect the following items:
90 Gold Apples
20 Magic Leathers
20 Adamars Stones
14. Bring the items to Alius Magicartisan
15. Receive your Water Elemental Epic Weapon
16. Go to Maitreyan Dungeon and kill Ankylul
Quest Boss: Ankylul
17. Return to the Quest NPC in Apulune
18. Receive your Gloves as reward
19. Go to Alius Magicartisan and change the Element on your Epic Weapon
-Go to the nearest Blacksmith with Lapis + Gear to link in inventory ; click "Repair Weapon"
- Click "Link / Enchant"
-Place gear to link in gear slot
-If you're using some type of linking hammer (or OP hammer) place that in the hammer slot.
-Drag the Lapis you wish to link to an empty spot in the row of 6 boxes
-You can only link lapis 1 at a time
-Click "Link" (cost and chance to Link shows in popup) click "Ok" to proceed.
***Make sure you have enough golds in linking a lapis
A: -After talking to Blacksmith and clicking "Link / Enchant", place Extraction Hammer in hammer slot
-Select which Lapis to attempt to Extract
- Selected Lapis will hi-lite
-Click "Extract"
-Click "Ok" to proceed with extraction
- Lapis will be placed in inventory if successful
***Lucky Charm won't save your item from breaking in extracting an Accessory Lapis, Absorption lv5, Absorption lv6 and Elemental lv2 lapis.
A. Linking Lapis
: Make sure you have lucky charm in linking your item using Accessory Lapis, Absorption Lv5, Absorption level 6 and Elemental lapis lv2.

B. Extracting Lapis
=Lucky Charm won't save your item from breaking in extracting an Accessory Lapis, Absorption lv5, Absorption lv6 and Elemental lv2 lapis.

C. Enchanting/Enhancing your item
=It is not advisable to use Caelum Sacra Lapis (weapon and armor lapisia). It might break your item even if you use a Lucky Charm.
A: How to Change Class?
Login your account in our website>>>Click "Change Class">>>Follow the Instructions that will pop up in our screen.

Does my gears and weapons will be changed too?
NO, your weapons and gears won't change.

Will my rank remain?
YES, your rank will remain.
A: Most of the players are using this in finding mobs and mini bosses
A: Weekly Raffle System
1. Winning tickets are based on GP points of the top 3 Guild after every GRB.
a. Example, last Jan 20 GP scores are top1: 37411, top2: 34433, top3: 31104
b. Get the last digit of each score & winning ticket: 1-3-4
2. Winning tickets will get all the POT PRIZE for that week.
a. In case no winners on that particular week, all tickets will be deleted and the POT PRIZE will be carried over on the next week draw.
b. In case more than 1 winner, the POT PRIZE will be shared equally.
3. Winners will be notified in our private messaging system and in-game announcements.
4. All winners will be posted on the winners list section on the "Raffle Tickets window".
5. All prizes will be inserted manually.

Weekly Raffle Mechanics
1. This weekly raffle is open to all Shaiya SEA accounts.
2. Raffle ticket is 20 SP.
3. You can purchase raffle tickets as many as you want.
4. Winner take all in our weekly draw.
5. To purchase a ticket, login your account in our website and in your dashboard; click the icon "Weekly Raffle".
a. Create your 3 digit raffle ticket number on the number spinner provided.
b. Click "Tickets 20 SP" button to start your purchase. A confirmation box will then ask you to proceed.
c. On successful purchase, your tickets will be shown on the middle of the Raffle Tickets window.
6. You can purchase raffle tickets before our weekly GRB starts.
7. Ticket purchase will be stopped during GRB time until 11:59pm and will resume again at 12:01am.
8. Draw date is every Saturday from 10PM - 11:59PM.
A: Faction Change 1 is our game feature whereas you can transfer to the other faction with toons or characters only. Your items such as gears and weapons won't be changed.
A: Faction Change 2 is our game feature whereas you can transfer to the other faction along with your items such as gears and weapons.

Items Allowed for Change Faction II:
-One to Four weapons
-One to Four Armor/Protector (Tops)
-One Gauntlet/Muffler
-One Pants/Leggins
-One Boots/Walker
-One Helmet/Cap
-One Cape
-One Shield (If blunt build for Fighter/Warrior and If your toon is a Defender/Guardian.
-Set of accessories
-One Mount
*All gears and weapons must be usable by your toon or character

Free Perks for Faction Change!!!
-Auto Stat reset
-Auto Skill reset
-6x Heightened Sense Level 3
-2x Holy Grail Level 3

-You must send your Faction Change application thru the support ticket.
-All the toons or characters in your account must be Guildless (NO GUILD).
-Only Items of your main toon will be left in your inventory.
-Proelium and Cantabillian character's items are not included for Faction Change.
-Empty all your subtoon's inventory. Place them in your Warehouse.
-Rank of your main toons and subtoons are included.
-All toons in your account will be CFed which includes your gold, SP and Consumables. Other items in your WH like gears and weapons are not included for CF.
-You need to pay 4000 SP for Change Faction II.
-A 60day faction change restriction on your account is applied once you used this feature.
-Faction Change processing is up to 6 hrs upon approval. You must check and update your ticket all the time between that timeframe.
-IF one of these rules are not followed, your Faction Change application will be automatically rejected.
A: Make sure that you registered your account and downloaded the game then Login your account in our website.
- you gain this by boosting a FRIEND to level 60.


- your boostee's character must be created January 1, 2018 onwards.

- only a level 60 can considered as a booster

- booster and boostee must both be friends in their buddy list (Press G then BUDDY).

- after adding your booster/boostee in your buddy list, you need to exit the game then refresh the dashboard.

- you must register your friend the boostee. from your dashboard.

- boostee must confirm the booster’s request from his dashboard.

- it is also important to note that Boostees cannot CANCEL their request

- BOOSTERS can delete anyone from their Boostee List.

- once you boostee reached level 60, you will be given a UM card in your gift box.
A: you need to collect 12 UM Cards then trade it through GMs, call in TC or submit a ticket.

You gain this through hard work and helping the server gain more players by boosting newbies and lowbies.


1 Booster Card
- Sure Enchant
- Sure Link

2 Booster Cards
- Goddess lv43 of choice
- 2x Sure Enchant
- Sure Enchant
- 150M
- 2x Sure Link
- Sure Link
- Ele II of choice

5 Booster Cards
- Goddess 43 SET of choice
A: Just make sure you have 2,000 SP (processing fee) in your account>>>Login your account in our website>>> Click Item Restoration.

Make sure you read and follow the Item Restoration Mechanics.
A: - this is the first Boss Card that is tradeable and can be won as an event prize.
- this boss card will also be available in our Webmall.
- this cards shall not be summoned to discomfort to other player/s.
- anyone caught and found violating or using this improperly will be punished accordingly.

It is highly recommended to use these cards in Guild House and/or anywhere that will not cause inconvenience to others.
A: - this is the first Boss Card that is tradeable and can be won as an event prize.
- this boss card will also be available in our Webmall.
- this cards shall not be summoned to discomfort to other player/s.
- anyone caught and found violating or using this improperly will be punished accordingly.

It is highly recommended to use these cards in Guild House and/or anywhere that will not cause inconvenience to others.
A: Stigma Cave and Aruizen Ruin Quests
- kill five of each mini bosses inside and get 50,000 gold everytime!
- aol needs to kill five(5) Land Drakes and five(5) Ballocks.
- uof needs to kill five(5) Aruizen Combat Commanders and five(5) Aruizen Charge Commanders.
A: We have designated NPCs for those quest. You can find them on the boss Map entrance.
A: Web Mall is our server's unique game features where you can purchase items thru SK (SEA kills), Tokens and SP (SEA Points). Login your account in our website to access this awesome game feature.
A: Login your account in our website and then Choose options in your dashboard panel.

-You can purchase Shaiya SEA points thru mobile or prepaid credits/payment. Available options under this are Paymentwall(Multi), Mobiamo(Mobile Payment) and Mint (Prepaid Payment).

-An Instant Purchase option where you can wire transfer your payment. Make sure that you read and check our agreement first before you purchase Shaiya SEA points when using this option.
A: Tier Spender Rewards is our game feature whereas you will receive a freebie or rewards by simply spending SP. SPs included are from SP thru real money purchases and in web auction sales.
A: Guild Rewards can be redeemed by participating in our GRB and earning Guild Points. Only Guild Leaders can redeem the Guild Reward Cards.
A: Login your account in our website then click Kill and Death Transfer. You can "only" transfer your kills with the same account.
A: This is our FB event where you can have a chance to win Shaiya SEA points. Gift Certificate Codes will be posted in our website in a random day. Once the gift certificate was posted, copy immediately the code. Login your account in our website, click the "Gift Redeem Certificate", paste the codes in the blank and then click "Redeem". Only one winner can redeem the free SP.
Login Problem

If you cannot access your account read and follow the guides below.
• Make sure you register and activated your account.
• Make sure that your password and username matched: We only have maximum of 10 characters in creating username and password.
• Username must only have alphanumeric characters and symbols. Special characters won’t work in creating a username.

Connectivity Problem

Request failed, Connection Failed, Download Failed, Cannot connect to server 12029c3 or cannot connect to the server, you are disconnected, Error 10053, Connection with the server was reset and Script Revocation Issue.
• Check your connectivity
Hold Ctrl + press R
Type: “cmd” then press enter
Type: ping /t
*If you’re experiencing an intermittent connection or sudden disconnection, contact your ISP customer service.
• Flush your DNS
Press Ctrl+R then type CMD
Type: ipconfig /flushdns
Type: Ipconfig /registerdns
Type: Ipconfig /release
Type: Ipconfig /renew
• Check your conflicting software/s.
Open your antivirus/antimalware/anti-spyware or firewall
Set our update.exe and game.exe to “allow”.
• Check your internet connection and restart your router.
• Visit our website and FB page if we have an ongoing maintenance.
• Account is still login or Banned and Account blocked temporarily: Login your account in our website>>> Click Profile.

Lags and high Latency

Frequent disconnection, high ping and lags.
• If you are a user living in EU or US use Wtfast
• Game Crashes: sudden game crash or unexpected disconnection.
Restart your computer and perform a system maintenance
If the problem is still there uninstall our client in your PC>>reinstall our client>>open your SEA folder>click update.exe
• Game lag: Check your internet connection>>>restart your router/modem or perform Connectivity Problem Troubleshooting tips.

Graphics Issues

Graphics problem causing lag and screen freeze.
• Check your PC Graphic performance: Check your Graphics Card and Ram Card if they are connected properly.
• Reduce the in-game graphics: You can do this by modifying your Graphics Card settings or by simply reducing the Shaiya SEA graphics in-game (Press “O” then disable or uncheck all the boxes under “etc. option”)
• Screen Freeze: commonly caused by PC error and ISP problem. Perform an immediate system maintenance. Run your antivirus or antimalware but make sure your software allow our client to run in your pc.
• Full Screen Mode: Logoff in-game>>>Open your Shaiya SEA folder>>> Click config.exe>>> check the “Full Screen” box>>> click “Apply”
• Black Screen, Stationary Screen, Bug Mobs, Visual Bug etc.: You can easily fix these bug by simply reclogging your account.
• Graphic Bug Rank: You must update our client.
• Map Load Error: Send a ticket immediately and ask for GM to reset your toon to AH. If this doesn’t worked, uninstall and redownload our client.
• Make sure that your PC or Laptop meet our Shaiya SEA System Requirement:
Windows XP or Vista 32
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 class processor or AMD Athlon XP, at 1.5 GHz or faster
Video Card: GeForce FX class or ATI Radeon 9600 with 128MB of dedicated VRAM or better
System Memory: 512MB of RAM or more
Sound: 16-bit, DirectX compliant sound card
DirectX Version: 9.0c or better
Drive Space: 2.5 GB of HDD space, plus additional for new game content
Internet: Broadband or DSL Internet Connection
Accessories: Keyboard, and Mouse with Wheel.

Missing Client and Client Error

• Make sure that you set your software/s to allow our client to run in your PC or laptop.
• Turn off your Antivirus/Antimalware and Windows Firewall. This is not necessarily needed if you already followed the first step. Do this step if you want to access or run our client easily.
• If you can’t see our client logo in your desktop icon: Right click “ My Computer”>>> Open the drive where you installed our client>>> Open Shaiya SEA folder>> click “update.exe”
• If your software completely removed our client, re-download and update the game.

Enchantment Problem

• Place your items (Enchantment materials) in your first Bag the try to enchant your item.
• Use your other toon or account in Enchanting your item.
• Make sure you have all the pre-requisite items or recipes in your bag.
• Make sure you have enough gold in enchanting your item.

Linking Problem

• Make sure you have all the pre-requisite items or recipes in your bag.
• Make sure you have enough gold in linking your item.
• High Bless Rate is a plus but the linking rate will always be based on the chances or your luck. Ex. Even if you have 70% chance to link your item with lapis there will always be a 30% chance that your lapis will be break.
• Make sure you have lucky charm in your bag when linking Accessory lapis, Elemental lapis lv2, Absorption Lapis lv6 and Absorption lapis lv5. Syreec Lapisia (Lapisias from Caelum Sacra) will break your item even if you have Lucky Charm in your inventory.

Extracting Lapis

• There is a huge possibility that both your item and the lapis will be broken when extracting lapises like Absorption lapis lv6, Absorption lapis lv5, Accessory Lapis and Elemental lapis lv2.
• Your items won’t be saved even if you have Lucky Charm in your inventory or bag.

General Client Problem

• Microsoft Visual C++ Error
Solution 1: For those who are having a problem with the 2010 redistributable file. If you have 32-bit OS or Operating System, then you want to download the MS Visual C++ libraries which can be downloaded here The 64-bit version can be found here if you are running a 64-bit OS:
Solution 2: Press Windows and press R key at the same time>>>In the “Run” Prompt type appwiz.cpl then press enter.
Solution 3: Remove all Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime.
Download and re-install the previous runtime libraries
• Game hack Found
Delete ijl15.dll then update the game
Reinstalling the client will also fix the problem
Perform a system maintenance then update the client.
Last option is to reformat your hard drive.

Other Issues

• Take a screenshot of the problem then send a ticket immediately.

Shaiya SEA Server recognizes and respects the confidentiality of your account. This policy is also used for your account’s updates, protection or security, validation, information and authentication purposes. Under this policy, we have a term that governs the collection of your data which includes your registered email address, account information, chat usage or communication logs, records of your account and in-game activities.

Personal and Non Personal Information

  • Personal info consist of your account information that is/are registered with server. This includes your email address, purchase related info, signed and agreed forms or policies, username and password. We also use your personal info in assisting you with our customer service, providing you your personal in-game records and allowing you to access our website services.
  • Non Personal info is restrained or vital personal information such as statistics, gender and anything related to you in real life or your personal identifiable information (PII).

Email Address Uses

Your email address will only be used for contacts, server promos, purchase services, newsletters and account updates.

  • Contacts to notify you about game related issues of your account.
  • Server Promos for in-game announcement and sales.
  • Purchase Services are email send for confirmation and validation of your purchases.
  • Newsletters are email containing server’s news info, subscription notice and latest game feature updates.
  • Account Updates are updates that notify you of the changes in your account such as change email, password etc.
  • Others, any Shaiya SEA server related updates.

Purchase Options

  • Personal information needed on purchasing Shaiya SEA Points (SP) such as email-ad, mobile number and other important information used in purchasing Shaiya SEA Points.
  • This varies and depends on the mode of payment or option you choose when purchasing Shaiya SEA Points. Ex. You purchased Shaiya SEA Points via Paypal, we required you to provide us your email address.

Communication and Chat Usage

  • Once you login your account we allow you to use our communication features.
  • These communication features includes Chats such as Trade Chat, Party Chats, Whisper, Area Chats and commands.
  • These feature or chat usage will be recorded on your logs and will only be opened and checked for investigation purposes only. However, we have restrictions that is under our Shaiya SEA Terms of Service: User Conduct and Ethics Guide that you must follow at all times.
  • You have a right to request for your chat logs as part of our Shaiya SEA Privacy Policy but strictly limited if you are using your sub-account or other account in filing a request.

Reports and Anonimousity

  • All reports and complaints will remain exclusive or confidential. We will never reveal any of your information or your identity if you report a user.
  • Reported user has a right to complain and file for a ban appeal, but restricted to ask any information about the person or user who reported him.

Auction Service

  • Your identity as an auctioneer will remain private unless you reveal yourself in-game and/or in any server related social media group that you are the seller of the item.
  • This service also goes along with you as a buyer.

Cookies and Updates

  • The browser you use while accessing our website allows you to save a file “cookie” to be saved on your computer or laptop’s hard drive.
  • This cookie will identify you as our server’s website user and may include an information such as your username and IP address that will appear whenever you visit our access your panel in our website.
  • Your browser also sends you a warning to turn off or save the cookies from our website.
  • These cookies does not incorporate your personal identifiable information.

Account Access and Changes

  • As part of our terms of service and security, Shaiya SEA Privacy Policy also allows you to access and use the services provided by our server’s website without our staff’s supervision and will only be checked once our system found some irregularities or issues in your account’s logins.
  • You have a right to access the personal information you provide in our server. However, you must also secure your account and ensure us that your preferences and account info are absolutely correct and accurate.
  • We will provide you a tools that you can only access by using your registered email address or username.
  • We guarantee and ensure your account’s protection. However, our Privacy Policy also have limitations. It is inadvisable for you to share your account info to other user. By doing this you already compromise your account and intentionally allowing a third user or party to access your account.
  • You are no longer covered by our Shaiya SEA Privacy Policy if we staffs found out that you are involved in account sharing.
  • We will take an immediate action and reasonable precautions to safeguard your account. Any evidence of misuse, items lost, alteration of account info, disclosures and unauthorized access will be investigated immediately once you immediately send a ticket and confirm what to your account.

Changes on our Shaiya SEA Privacy Policy

Shaiya SEA Privacy Policy will be effective and on potent use once you registered your account in the server and started to access our website and in-game services. Shaiya Sea server has the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. We will notify all our registered users via email and thru our game updates that will posted in our Official Facebook page or Website.